I'm Jana, Thai therapist

I got the "germ" of thai massage from Krautman's Health and Massage Academy. I graduated 2 year curriculum of Eastern Natural Therapies in 2016 and I'm licenced thai therapist in Estonia for now (licence no 127319). Before studing massage I have graduated medical sciences in University of Tartu and have a licence of a general physician also. In addition to knowledge gained in massage school I have taken Nephyr Jacobsen's (www.nagacenter.org) 10-week online course "Traditional Thai medical theory for bodyworkers" (autumn 2016) and attended to her advanced Thai therapy 4-day workshop in London (June 2017). To better apply the learned theory to bodywork I have had a wonderful opportunity to study in private with Danko Lara Radic (thaimassageinstitute.org) in Serbia (April 2018) for a week.

"Thai medicine is inherently Buddhist medicine. ...Buddhist spiritual component of Traditional Thai Medicine in integral to this healing system; to work on a deeper level with Thai medicine the Buddha's teachings would need to be embraced to some degree." this is a quote from Nephyr's book "Seven Peppercorns". Buddhist teachings were dear to me before I knew about thai massage. When I discovered how closely they are connected I was shocked and inspired to the bottom of my soul (I still am). I have been lucky to find teachers who are looking for the same depth in life and in what they are doing and with grate dedication share their knowledge and skills to their sudents.