Therapeutic thai massage

This is a part of traditional Thai medicine. It is a very varing type of bodywork. This can be the most intence massage You have ever experience (suits well to athlethes aslo), but is can be very gentle and nurturing, depending on your needs. This is a therapy directed to solve a problem in context of traditional Thai medical theory that roots from buddhist worldview.
Thai massage helps to
  • releave tensions in the muscles and ailments associated with them (e.g. tension headaches)
  • improve metabolism of tissues
  • improve mobility of joints
  • release blockages  and stagnations
  • recover from traumas and injuries
  • recover from intense physical workouts
  • improve body's overall well-being
  • calm the mind.
I will be using my whole body as a working tool - arms, elbows, feet, heels, knees, whatever is needed to better deal with the problem you have. In addition I might use hot herbal compresses, scraping tools, cups, herbal balms and liniments depending on the problem.

When coming to therapy wear loose and comfortable clothing (there is a possibility for changing clothes). Massage is performed on floor on a mat. Duration of a session is 1,5...2h recommendably, but it depends on the problem and 45-minut session might be of help as well.

Rates for therapy sessions are 1h - 30€ / 1,5h-40€ / 2h-50€.